Sarah Mewett, our Pastoral Care Worker has specific skills for working with young people and families in the school community.



The Pastoral Care Worker’s role is to: 

  • pastorally support the school in its aim to be a safe and supportive learning environment
  • contributes to the school and community through involvement in a range of activities including classroom activities, excursions, Friendship Groups and lunchtime activities
  • provide support to individual students with the consent of parents/caregivers.
  • link families to community resources and services by providing information about support and services provided through community groups, including church groups.

The Pastoral Care Worker does not promote nor discriminate on the grounds of any particular ideology, but works to enable to a supportive, inclusive and caring learning environment within the school for all.

As a result of the government’s commitment to Child Protection, much more stringent conditions of appointment and workplace processes now apply to all adults working with children. The current agreement in relation to the Pastoral Care Worker Program reflects this and requires that students must have written, informed parental consent, before obtaining individual, personal assistance from a person working in the school’s Pastoral Care Worker Program.

The Pastoral Care Worker consent form is available here.