The management of student behaviour at the school is based upon the values of the school – Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Excellence and Friendship.


It has a focus on:  students taking responsibility for their behaviour and making sensible choices; the development of a partnership with students and families to provide consistent expectations and consequences; ensuring that the Behaviour Policy is explicit; and that consequences are clearly defined and consistent in supporting the rights of teachers and students.


At classroom level all students are involved in negotiating classroom rules and consequences.  Teachers also spend considerable time in teaching students expected behaviours and skills which enable them to make successful choices.  Consequences for inappropriate behaviour generally involve:  Reminders, Buddy Class, Class Time Out and Office Time Out.  At each stage students are made aware of their behaviour and assisted with strategies so they are able to make sensible choices.


Students who continue to choose inappropriate behaviour are sent to the office (Office Time Out).  Each student will speak with the Principal / Deputy Principal / Counsellor and the parent / caregivers informed.


Restorative Practices help to build and support an interconnected system of conflict resolution, social inclusion and values development which allows schools to become more productive learning environments and better equip students in building strong relationships with those around them.


Please refer to School Policy documents “Code of Conduct” and “Information Technology – Cyber-Safety Policy”.  These policies are available on the school website or hardcopy from the Front Office.

Click here to download the Code_of_Conduct.pdf

Click here to download the Information Technology – Cyber-Safety Policy.pdf