Where possible all of our communication is now through electronic media.  The main modes of communication we use are:

  • SZapp
  • Facebook 
  • Website - www.pimpalaps.sa.edu.au
  • Email - dl.1059.info@schools.sa.edu.au
  • Newsletter

Please download the Schoolzine app from your app store and sign up to our Facebook page. We share information, including urgent updates, upcoming events and important reminders using these forums.


The Pimpala Schoolzine SZapp is used not only to remind our community of important dates and upcoming events but also to send out any urgent information.  It also has useful information including newsletters, notices that are sent home, as well as a large number of recipes, which have been used in our Kitchen Garden program.  

 This app is available for both Apple and Windows Phone devices - search for SZapp in the Apple App store or Google Play store to download the SZapp, then choose “Pimpala Primary School” from the list of schools available.

 We strongly recommend that every family in the school with a  smart phone or tablet device downloads this app.  It will help you to know what is happening and when.  

Click here for instructions to get the SZapp 


 Pimpala Primary School has an active Facebook page which is used to send reminders and update families about school activities. This page is not intended or monitored for incoming messages. Please contact the Administration Office with any queries about school events or notifications.

 Pimpala Primary School Facebook Page



The newsletter is published fortnightly on our website and the Schoolzine App on Monday afternoons.  It aims to accurately inform parents and caregivers of school events, upcoming activities, sporting and other achievements and important issues that relate to the education of your child.  A highlight of our newsletter is the back page, which is usually a display of students’ work or photos of students in action, taken from each class.  Parents are strongly encouraged to read and comment upon any items included within our newsletter. Please email dl.1059.info@schools.sa.edu.au to respond to any items.

 The newsletter is available on both the Schoolzine app and our website "Latest Newsletter".  Hard copies are available on request, from the Administration Office.