A Medication Authority or other appropriate Health Care Plan signed by a doctor must be completed before we are able to administer medication at school.  A Medication authority is required for any medication administered at school or school camps (including non prescription medication) eg Claratyne, Panadol, Medicated Throat Lozenges etc.


Please ensure that all medication that is forwarded to school is clearly labelled with the student's name, amount to be taken and frequency of use.  Where the medication comes in liquid form, please send pre-measured amounts for daily use.  (Chemists will give you two labelled bottles if you ask). 


Medication that has to be taken three times per day can be taken before school, after school and before bedtime and not come to school at all.  In some cases GPs may prescribe long lasting antibiotics which only need to be taken twice a day. 


Although we will do our best to assist, responsibility for the taking of medication rests with parents.


Please note:  No medications are to be kept in a student’s bag or be carried by the student at any time.