During the year we host a number of events as listed below.  When dates have been set you can see these in the calendar.


 Pimpala Primary School’s Sports Day is held annually.  All children in the school belong to one of four houses; Anderson (Blue), Bain (Green), Morphett (Red), O’Sullivan (Yellow).

 The day begins with general fun activities as a warm up to our Tabloid events.  The children take part in a variety of Tabloid events, which may vary from year to year, eg. accuracy throw / kick, obstacle course, sprints, long jump, skipping etc. and every child participates.  Highlights of the day are our year level relays and whole school relay.

The aim of our Sports Day is to ensure maximum enjoyment through participation.



 Students in all year levels look forward to participating in a range of fun, hands on, and interesting science experiments on Science Day each year. The Upper Primary students assist with planning and support the younger students in these sessions.



 The Book Week parade is held during Book Week each year where students from all classes dress up to highlight a story theme and show off their costumes while being part of the parade.  Family and friends are invited to watch the parade.   



 The End of Year Celebration is an annual end of year concert where students from all of the classes perform a range of items for parents and friends.  It is held after hours to enable the whole family to enjoy this fantastic way to end the year.


The Pimpala school community is very proud of the achievements of our choir.  Our Year 5, 6, and 7 students have the opportunity to participate in the School Choir each year.  Practice is held each week and during Term 3, the choir performs at Festival Theatre as part of the Festival of Music.  There are also regular performances at assemblies and other school events.


 As part of our major fundraising for the school we have Colour Fun Runs every year or two.  These days are amazing fun for the students and are a highlight for our community.