Governing Council Members

Chairperson - Rick Mart

Secretary - Sarah Powell

Anna Bren

Sarah Powell

Courtney Hollingworth

Billy Harley

Belinda Finlay-Smith (Principal)

Teacher Members

Christine MacLean

Lauren Stanley

The Governing Council and its sub-committees represent the school community, and after consultation make decisions on local issues, strategic planning and the allocation of resources.

All Governing Council members, excepting the principal, are elected for a two year period. Nominating Members are elected each year from the school community.  2 Staff Representatives are also elected each year by peer ballot.

The Governing Council holds a minimum of 2 meetings a term.

Parents also have an opportunity to become involved in Governing Council sub-committees. There are a range of sub-committees including Finance,  POSHC, Canteen, Fundraising and Sports.

Meeting Dates 2023

Term 3: 23 August, 13 September

Term 4: 8 November, tba December