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COVID-19 Information

As we progress through Term 2 the majority of students are attending school as usual. There is now an expectation that students will return to school.  This advice has been received from the Education Department.

"While we have been supporting parent choice during this pandemic, we now expect all public school students who are well and not considered vulnerable to COVID-19 to attend school or preschool.

Students are required to attend school unless they are:

·         *Feeling unwell

·         *Have a chronic medical condition or compromised immune system and are not able to attend school on advice from their medical practitioner

·         *Live in a household with others that are deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 and are not able to attend school on advice of their medical practitioner

·         *Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been required to self-isolate by SA Health."

We have implemented a number of changes to the day to day operation of the school:

  • Parents/caregivers are discouraged from entering the classroom blocks at all.  
  • The Canteen has re-opened for lunches on Fridays only and Thursday and Friday for Counter Sales.
  • The Uniform Shop will be open for online and phone orders only.
  • There is no fundraising until further notice.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Here are the most recent letters from the Department for Education 

Student Attendance post COVID-19  letter dated 22 May 2020

Letter to Parents 22 April 2020

Letter to Parents 7 April 2020

Here are other links to help set up for learning at home:

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Here is the link for the website which has a range of information including  COVID-19.