About us - Behaviour Management

Pimpala Primary School's values are  – Responsibility, Respect, Communication, Excellence and Friendship and the management of behaviour at the school aims to promote and reflect these values. 

Through the application of Restorative Practices, the whole school can focus on:

students taking responsibility for their behaviour and making sensible choices;

the development of a partnership with students and families to provide consistent expectations and consequences;

ensuring that the Behaviour Policy is supportive and explicit;

consequences being clearly defined and consistent in supporting the rights of teachers and students.

At classroom level all students are involved in negotiating classroom rules and consequences. Teachers spend considerable time in teaching and communicating expected behaviours and skills which enable students to make successful choices. Follow up for unacceptable behaviour may involve: reminders, Exit Classes, Class Time Out and Office Time Out. At each stage students are made aware of their behaviour and assisted with strategies so they are able to make sensible choices.

Students who continue to demonstrate inappropriate behaviour are sent to the office (Office Time Out) where they will be involved in a Restorative Conversation with an appropriate member of staff. At this stage, parents / caregivers are informed of any outcomes.

Within the yard, students who display inappropriate behaviour may be limited in their play area, may be required to work with a teacher on duty or be removed from the playground altogether. For more serious or ongoing behaviours, students will be required to participate in  a Restorative Conversation and a notification will be sent home to parents/caregivers.

The Behaviour Policy is currently under review.