About us - Parking

Parking is recommended on roadways near all school entrances / exits. Onsite parking is for staff and official visitors only. We ask all parents to follow the speed limit and to be observant and courteous when children are present. If for any reason you are required to drive onto school grounds, the speed limit is clearly limited to 10km, which is considered walking pace.

Stopping in the Disabled Car Parks without a permit, middle of the car-park, or at the end near the building is strictly prohibited. Parents or grandparents with a Disability Permit are able to park in the Disabled Car Parks in the external staff car park.

A Kiss and Drop zone is operational at the front of the school on Vanstone Avenue before and after school. Staff are on duty from 8:30am to 8:50am and after school from 3:10pm to 3:25pm to enable parents to safely drop their children to school, or collect them at the end of the day.